• Nu+ Labs Protein Water - 3 Can Sample Pack
  • Nu+ Labs Protein Water - 3 Can Sample Pack

    Nu+ Labs Protein Water - 3 Can Sample Pack

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    • 10G OF PROTEIN
    • 10G COLLAGEN
    • 0G SUGAR
    • BCAAs 300MG

    Each sample pack contains three cans, allowing you to discover your favourite flavour or mix and match for a variety of hydrating experiences. Formulated with premium protein and infused with natural flavours, our Nu+ Labs Protein Water is not only delicious but also a convenient way to replenish your body post-workout or during your daily adventures.

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    • Water, reworked

      Hydrolysed protein is known for its rapid absorption and easy digestion, making it an ideal workout companion. Nu+ Labs Protein Water delivers hydrolysed protein, ensuring efficient muscle support and recovery, fuelling your fitness journey with ease.

    • Collagen comeback

      Collagen is essential for skin elasticity, but natural production decreases as we age, leading to wrinkles and dryness. Nu+ Labs Protein Water replenishes levels, enhancing skin elasticity and radiance for a more youthful appearance.

    • BCAAs

      BCAAs are essential building blocks for muscles, but achieving the optimal intake can be challenging. Nu+ Labs Protein Water, packed with BCAAs, makes it easy to fuel your workouts, speed up recovery, and optimise your athletic performance.

    • Magnesium mind

      Magnesium is a powerhouse for cognitive function, yet many individuals don't get enough. Nu+ Labs Protein Water is rich in magnesium, providing a convenient way to boost focus and elevate mood.